So it’s Friday Night, and I’ve been busy in design mode.  Designing a website, designing my social media, and most importantly…..designing the most luscious linens that I can not wait to have, next to my skin, while I make sweet sweet love to me!. YES – Some Samples of my creations came in!

But, it IS Friday night and I’m working! My eyes are getting heavy, as I lay here in bed, squinting through the shadows of my light stand, draped over in my ‘poison bandana’.  LOL. There is some inspiration!  Ahhhhhh Bret Michaels! Mmmmmmm.  OK that thought get my nipples tingling.

Time to light some candles!

Tonight is the night where I want to test out my Luscious Linen.  Door Closed (still a habit – though I’m home alone).  I lay back – in a nightie –  on the middle of my bed-on top of my Luscious Linen.  The feel of the plush velvetness against my skin makes me feel even sexier.  I grab my vibrator and lube,  and turn it on medium speed, pulsing at my G spot.  Can I do this? Can I find “the spot”….  ooooohhhhh YES!   I can definitely find a spot ;).

I lay there after, on my luscious linen, enjoying the feel of the plush velvetness against my ass.  It’s sooooo soft, and feels sooooo gooood. Inspired to keep writing I sit up, and toss my linen into the laundry basket.  It doesn’t matter anymore how messy I get. I toss and have my clean sheets and comforter to crawl in after.

Oooohhhhh, What a Great Idea!  Sweet Dream’s Ya’ll ;).

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