OK, Let’s start with an Idea!

Who am I?  I am an older woman, starting a new chapter in life.  I have been separated for almost 5 years, raising teenagers, and working full time.

Let’s just say, dating sounded so foreign to me. Who would have thought I would have even considered dating again?! Where would I find the time or energy?

Then it happened.

My girlfriends took me out to a night club, one night.  It was the first time in almost 20 years!  I did not know what to expect.  Here I was, almost 50 years old, in a club with all of these ‘younger’ people. Then, it happened.  A gorgeous, younger fellow asked me to dance! I looked at him in awe… “ME”??  He said “yes, you!”  What did I have to lose?

That was the first time in years that my senses were awakened.  I could feel the energy flowing from the tips of my fingers down to the tips of my toes.  That feeling of butterflies swarming around in my tummy, just made me lit!  Wow! I still have it!  I still have my labido!!  hahahaha

That night led to several dates, and among one of those dates, was the take home.  I did it!  I took him home.  We had such amazing, passionate sex.  I mean, like messy sex.  I had no idea where all of my passion was coming from! I Never experienced sex like this before. Neither did I encounter all of the bodily fluids that came from our passionate night. I like this new me.

BUT…Who was going to sleep on the ‘wet spot’?  LOL. I grabbed a towel, laid it on the bed, only to wake up lying in the ‘wet spot’ again.  Not to mention, the oddness of laying on a towel, instead of my smooth, cotton sheets.

The night was so much fun! But now I have so much work! strip the bed, Wash the comforter, “oohhhhhh, the price of good sex”, I thought.

Then it hit me!  Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could just throw a blanke on the bed during sex!  Not the plastic or rubber stuff.  But a really nice, plush, velvety waterproof blanket.  Then, after a hot, passionate night of sex, I could just toss it off the bed.  And the best part – No one sleeps in the ‘wet spot’. Not to mention I don’t have to wash my heavy comforter and put through the dryer cycle 2 times.

This is how Luscious Linens was born.  Out of the passion of making love – with the desire of NOT sleeping on the ‘Wet Spot’.

Follow me on my new journey – I cant wait to share Luscious Linens with you – Plush, Velvety 100% Waterproof Blankets xo