I am sooooo exciting to be receiving my hand made samples! I have made some amazing friends along this journey so far, and some wonderful connections.  While being submerged into this process, I happen to have a helper by my side.  My little Kitler – and she really loves this Luscious Blanket.  So soft and cozy for her to do her little ‘pat pat’ in right before she snuggles into the coziness of the blanket. My Kitler is an older cat and she is getting to the point where sometimes she can have an accident on her cat bed.  Now I have something just for her – size (small) – is the perfect size for her. 100% waterproof pet blankets.

This is the Best Part…  I’m not throwing out a cat bed every few weeks! Saving some $ is always a great thing! And She Loves it.

Seriously…What a fantastic idea – you can use these amazing 100% waterproof blankets for your loved pets.  Imagine how handy these will be when you are potty training your puppy!  Instead of using those paper absorbent pads, that may Not absorb everything, or maybe your pet just doesn’t like the feel of the paper.  Try using something that your pet will like, and that will collect the 100% of the liquids!

When used, just toss in your wash and Bam! Their cozy little blankets are all cleaned and ready to be snuggled with again.

Luscious Linens for your Pets – now that is taking Potty Training to an all new, luxurious level.  Doesn’t your pet deserve this?

Thank you all for supporting me with your kind words.  I can not wait to announce when Pre-Sales will be made available.  Stay Tuned my lovelies xo