HAHA Keeping this real, keeping this clean, Im getting so excited, now I will Sing!

OK, Production is a on!  We have Two sizes to start – 36×40 and 50×60.  Both will come in two different colour tones.  Grey/White and Black/Gold.  Im sooooooo excited!

Next comes packaging and a shopping cart.  Will be a busy weekend.  This is the exciting part.  Creation!  This is where you face fear in the face. You either back down, and go with what feels comfortable, and do nothing…


You face fear and walk through its’ shadows.  Enter the abyss of the unknown.  Not knowing what the outcome will be… not knowing if you will Succeed or Fail?  Either way, it’s a Win;  To face fear, and overcome – is a Win. To move forward and eliminate those ‘what if’ statements later in life – is a win. To grow and make the uncomfortable, your new comfortable – is a win.  Success – is a Win.  Failure – is a win because you learn from your mistakes.

Lord knows, I have made many mistakes and continue to do so.  But throughout all my lessons, I can say, that my fight is back. I will fight to make this a success.  I will fight through fear.  I will fight to stand high, and know that I will do all that it takes to make this a success.

I am so passionate about Luscious Linens.  I have made these blankets out of Love.  I felt a need for a luscious, water-absorbing, waterproof blanket, that I can use in my moments of passion. These beautiful blankets are prepared for me as their beauty rests on top of my bedding, waiting for the opportune moment.  I am SO Excited to share my love for my blankets with all of you.  The versatility of Luscious Linens from  Sex to Potty Training, Incontinence to Periods is outstanding. Luscious linens are not just a Sex Blanket.  It’s a Waterproof blanket.  It is made to absorb and protect your bedding and furniture from any liquid.

Luscious Linens – Divert the Squirt