I sure do remember the days of potty training.  Those were hard days.  As a working mom, coming home, making meals, cleaning the home…I sure wish I had these to help me out during the days of potty training.  Let’s face it, potty training is work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up the next day and not having to strip down the bed and do another round of washing sheets and bedding?

These 100% Waterproof blankets are lush and plush.  They are so comfortable and cozy to lie on.  The best part is that they are waterproof! If there is an ‘accident’ you just have to toss your luscious blanket in the washer.

No more disposable pads.  No more night diapers.  You can just let them go bare and not worry about the full bed washing/making routine.

Why not add something to your life that will literally save you time and money. I sure wish I did.

Try a Luscious Linen with your Precious Baby today 🙂