Development – You would not believe this, but there are so many things to consider while creating the Best Quality product on the market.  I have been going through so many samples of fabric and tweaking the final product to come up with our Luscious Linen.  AND to ensure that this fabric is indeed 100% waterproof.  We could run a fountain in the blanket for hours and there will be no seepage! (Hmmmm – a great idea for marketing)

There is a lot to consider while coming up with the final product. For instance, there is materials, texture, weight, size, colour, sound (yes sound – I don’t want to hear crinkles). This project has been waking up my senses;  touch, visual, and sound.  This has been exhilarating! My creative juices are flowing again.  Excitement devours me, as we now go into production.

Stay tuned, and I am updating our website next to accommodate orders. Thank you for taking the time to pop by our site, and see where we are at. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with our final product.