Giving Back – Social Cause

Hello and Thank you for stopping by. Before Luscious Linens began, I was an advocate for adding Coercive Control to our Criminal Code here in Canada. Coercive Control is mental abuse. I have children of my own, and the experiences that I continue to battle through the courts, through my separation, baffles me. My passion is to educate and help others, like me, to have resources to get out of coercive situations.

I am teaming up with various organizations that are fighting against Coercive Control, and I will contribute a % of our monthly sales of Luscious Linens to go towards helping these organizations that assist women in these situations.

In November 2023, Luscious Linens will be a sponsor of the 2023 International Coercive Control Conference.

Thank you for all your love and support for Luscious Linens Ltd. because you are also supporting those who are in coercive controlled situations. This is our way of Giving Back.